QuickieME Dry Shampoo Dark Hair - 96ml

QuickieME Dry Shampoo Dark Hair - 96ml



QuickieME Dry Shampoo Dark Hair - 96ml


Absorb oils, build up and odors no matter how many days it's been. Made from a base of rice starch, each spray blends seamlessly with its translucent pigment into dark toned hair for an instant waterless refresh and to restore hair’s natural volume.

Bonus: Get 30% more product than any other dry shampoo on the market.


  • Shake well. 
  • Section hair and spray product around 6 inches from roots in a sweeping motion. 
  • Allow product to dry for a second and then massage in with fingers for optimal results and volume. 
  • Repeats as needed.


Spray dry shampoo on before bed to wake up to a nice, clean head of hair. Your head sweats the most while you sleep!

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