Curl Keeper Styling Cream - 240ml

Curl Keeper Styling Cream - 240ml



Curl Keeper Styling Cream - 240ml

Curl Keeper Styling Cream allows easy manipulation of curls into a looser, well defined, frizz-free curl with ultimate softness and clean shine. Very effective in humidity. Reactivates with water with absolutely no product build-up.


  • Achieve frizz control with unmatched softness and shine.
  • Supports all your styling needs from bantu knots, twist outs and more.
  • Allows you to easily glide your comb or fingers through your hair.
  • Less resistance when removing tangles and knots.
  • Re-actives with water making your style last longer.
  • Styling Cream will help to separate your curls and keep them defined.
  • No product build up
  • pH 4.5-5.5 


Distribute Curl Keeper Styling Cream evenly from roots to ends on wet hair. Use alone or with Curl Keeper Original. Style with comb, brush or fingers, then allow hair to dry.

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