Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray - 385ml

Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray - 385ml



Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray - 385ml

Hard Head Hairspray by Bed Head is a medium hold, high control styling spray usable as either a styling hairspray or as a finishing spray. The strong and powerful hairspray controls hair of any length and creates any texture in your hair. The flexible styler lets you style and restyle your hair throughout the day; changing your hair to meet your changing demands. Made with a Bed Head instant dry formula, Hard Head Hairspray instantly locks onto your hair; keeping your look until you're ready to change it!


If using Hard Head Hairspray as a styling product, hold the spray ten to fifteen inches (twenty to thirty centimeters) away from your hair and spray evenly. Use a comb to help spread the spray, then style using your normal styling tools to create your look. Spray Hard Head Hairspray on already styled hair to lock in style for a look that lasts all day long

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