ORLY Breathable Calcium Boost

ORLY Breathable Calcium Boost



ORLY Breathable Calcium Boost

hin, weak nails? Build strength with ORLY Breathable Calcium Boost. This nail strengthener is enriched with vegan calcium and Vitamin B5. Vitamin C and Argan Oil combine to nourish dry, damaged, and thin nails.

ORLY Breathable Calcium Boost Treatment strengthens and nourishes dry, damaged, and thin nails.

  • Build strength with this Vegan Calcium
  • Features the award-winning Gripper Cap for ease of use and expert application
  • ORLY polishes are free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde

Key Ingredients

  • Vegan Calcium and Vitamin B5 build nail strength
  • Vitamin C and Argan Oil combine to nourish dry, damaged and thin nails


Apply one coat to all nails once a day for a minimum of one week. Repeat for stronger and thicker nail growth.

There is no need to have a break when using ORLY Calcium Boost nail treatment as it is less likely to over strengthen the nails.

Using Breathable treatments and Breathable nail polishes together will not takeaway the breathable properties of the range, as they have a similar breathable molecule structure. Oxygen, hydration and treatments in both ORLY Breathable polish and Breathable treatments will still be able to reach the nail plate to condition and nourish.


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