Deca Lipshine - Nude Shimmer LG-70

Deca Lipshine - Nude Shimmer LG-70



Deca Lipshine - Nude Shimmer LG-70

Deca Mineral Lip Shine is packed with nutrients to revitalize your lips. Deca Mineral Lip Shines are rich in pigment for looks that last.

Get Dec'd out with Deca. Simply add shine, or a high-shine pigment. Mineral Lip Glosses from Deca Professional Cosmetics, are designed to enhance your lips while conditioning with vitamins and nutrients. The lightweight, silky smooth texture captures and reflects light to help moisturize and soften the appearance of lines. The combination of minerals and botanicals rejuvenate and protect your lips.

Deca Professional Mineral Lip Shine is available in a wide variety of shades. Pigments range from clear to vibrant and light to dark, to complement every skin tone. Mineral Lip Gloss can be used on its own, or to refresh your favorite lip colour with an extra moisture hit.

Achieving the Au Natural look:

  1. Start by applying the Deca Mineral Vitamin E Lipstick.
  2. Select your Bronze Glow Deca Lip Shine.
  3. Using a lip brush, lightly dab your Lip Shine on to your lips 

How to get the Juicy Lip look: 

  1. Start by selecting your Bronze Glow Deca Lip Shine, as well as a complimentary Lipstick and Lip Pencil.
  2. Using the lip pencil, create short strokes tracing your natural lip line and filling out any imperfections
  3. Lightly shade in your lips with the same lip pencil to better blend the shade
  4. Apply your Deca Mineral Lipstick liberally across lips and lightly over liner to blend
  5. Finish by applying your Deca Mineral Lip Shine liberally across your lips


Deca Professional Mineral Lip Liner Ingredients

Beeswax: acts as a natural emollient

Vitamin E: conditions and protects skin

Petrolatum: a natural emollient with non-irritant moisturizing properties

Silica: helps to soften the appearance of lines with light reflective properties


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