BioNike ONails S43 Strengthening Solution - 11ml

BioNike ONails S43 Strengthening Nail Repair Solution - 11ml



BioNike ONails S43 Strengthening Nail Repair Solution - 11ml

Nail repair that strengthens and protects fragile nails.

Nickel-Tested    Gluten-free

Multi-active, hydro-alcoholic solution for brittle nails that tend to break easily. Thanks to its unique formulation, strengthens the structure of the nail plate, reducing the annoying inconveniences nail fragility leads to, such as the nail surface peeling off and the free edge breaking. Formaldehyde free.


  • Keratin: main protein found in nails and with a high sulfur content, the element that provides resistance.
  • Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5): indispensable to keep healthy skin, hair and nails because it supports the keratinisation process.
  • Active minerals - Silicon, Magnesium, Copper, Iron and Zinc: oligoelements (essential trace elements) that strengthen keratin.


Rub the bristles of the brush with your fingers to prepare them for use. Use the brush to distribute the product over the entire nail, insisting especially on and underneath the free edge. Begin treatment with 3-4 applications per day for the first week, then continue with a single application per day for at least another three weeks.

Recommended For

The treatment of brittle, thin nails, which tend to peel off and break easily.


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