BeautyLash Sensitive Tint Remover - 100ml

BeautyLash Sensitive Tint Remover - 100ml



BeautyLash Sensitive Tint Remover - 100ml

With the BeautyLash Tint Remover, you can help remove colour stains that occur on the skin when tinting with BeautyLash.

Who it is for:

This product is suitable for everyone, and recommended for everyone who tints their eyelashes and eyebrows with BeautyLash.

What it does:

The BeautyLash Tint Remover was designed to help remove colour stains on the skin, so you can start tinting your lashes worry-free! The remover only works with BeautyLash tints.


Gently rub with a moist cotton ball immediately after tinting. The sooner the stain is treated, the easier its removal.

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