BeautyLash Conditioning Gel - 7ml

BeautyLash Conditioning Gel - 7ml



BeautyLash Conditioning Gel - 7ml

BeautyLash Conditioning Gel is a nurturing conditioner providing long-lasting moisture; it intensely nourishes and protects eyelashes and eyebrows. When used on a regular basis, this rich combination of Vitamin E, D-panthenol and glycerin helps to prevent dry, brittle eyelashes and eyebrows, preserving their full length and making them look healthy and stronger. Same as for coloured hair, tinted eyelashes and eyebrows need extra care to stay smooth and beautiful. Conditioning Gel helps your tinted eyelashes and eyebrows to stay beautifully and intensely tinted. The Conditioning Gel is specifically designed for tinted eyebrows to keep their colour and smoothness. BeautyLash Conditioning Gel for daily use – professional care at home. BeautyLash is produced by the Austrian corporation GWCosmetics, a company full of tradition that has been producing hair tints and hair cosmetics of high quality for over 80 years.


Apply BeautyLash Conditioning Gel every night after you have removed your eye make-up from the roots to the tips of your eyelashes and eyebrows. Over night the rich conditioning gel nourishes your hair intensely. The transparent gel can also be used during the day to gently form your brows and lashes and freshen up your look. Also, it adds an extra gloss to your hair.

CONTENT: Sufficient for approximately 250 applications.

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